Cloud 9 Helicopter officesCloud 9 Helicopters LLC is FAA Part 141 Approved to deliver the following Part 141 training courses, Private Pilot (Rotorcraft), Instrument Rating (Rotorcraft) and Commercial Pilot (Rotorcraft) along with Private and Instrument Ground School Courses.

In addition we also train for the following courses under Part 61, Certified Flight Instructor, Certified Flight Instructor Instrument and Airline Transport Pilot (all Rotorcraft)

Our center of operations are at North County General Aviation Airport in North Palm Beach.

In addition to the flight school we are also a Robinson Factory Approved Service Center for the R22 and R44 helicopter types. This service center is also based at our center of operations in North Palm Beach County and enables us to maintain our fleet at optimal safety and efficiency.

Flight Training SchoolAll  of our instructors are experienced professional helicopter pilots who are able to impart their commercial flying experience and knowledge when teaching their students. We use the following helicopters for training namely the Robinson two seat R22 Beta , the four seat R-44 and the five seat R-66 (turbine).

We also have a dedicated and seperate ground school facility run. We pride ourselves on the quality and depth of ground school offered to our students

Here at Cloud 9 Helicopters all your training will be tailored to your specific needs and time constraints. Whether you wish to train seven days a week or only when your schedule allows. We will work with you to achieve your dream of  becoming a helicopter pilot.

We promise to make your training with Cloud 9 Helicopters as straight forward as possible.  We assist and help coordinate everything from all of your educational materials, pilot supplies, accommodation, transportation, flight scheduling, arranging your medical examination, assist in applying for the student pilot certidicate and scheduling a written test to booking your FAA flight test.