Sightseeing Tour (up to 3 people with maximum combined weight of 600 pounds)

The Ultimate Palm Beach Experience, see everything from 500 feet up by helicopter (a truly unique perspective). We offer a 30 minute or 60 minute experience it’s your choice which one you take.

30 Minute Beach Tour

We depart from our base and fly direct to Peanut Island (home of JFK’s Nuclear Bunker) then out to Singer Island before flying north up the beach (passing over Juno Pier) to Jupiter Island (seeing all the homes of the ‘rich and famous’) and returning via the picturesque Jupiter Inlet and its historic Lighthouse before returning to our departure point.
PRICE $300 (for up to 3 people).


60 minute Palm Beach County Tour

Following takeoff from our base we fly south west initially until we reach the northern edge of The Everglades (the real Florida), our course then turns east passing to the south of Palm Beach International Airport and the shoreline and then turns northbound looking at the stunning landmarks of Palm Beach Island (Breakers Hotel, The Flagler Museum, Mar-a-Lago) before passing Peanut Island and Singer Island northbound to Jupiter Inlet (and its very prominent Lighthouse). We then traverse the right fork of the Inlet to view one of Florida’s few ‘wild and scenic’ rivers (The Loxahatchee River) from the air before flying south and returning to our airport.
PRICE $600 (for up to 3 people).
Sightseeing Tour for 30 Minutes (for up to 3 people) – Price $300
Sightseeing Tour for 1 hour (for up to 3 people) – Price $600
Length of Flight


Sightseeing Tour / MD500E (Little Bird) Experience

The Ultimate Single Engine Turbine Helicopter, excellent power, fast and agile. Fly in this amazing 4 seat machine, favored by US Special Forces (Little Bird) for its power and agility. If you wish you can take the controls and fly the aircraft yourself over Palm Beach and its spectacular coastline. This aircraft can carry up to 3 passengers with a maximum combined weight of 1000 pounds. The routes flown will be very similar to the standard tour.
30 Minute MD 500 experience (for up to 3 people) – Price $400
60 Minute MD 500 experience (for up to 3 people) – Price $800
Length of Flight



Trial Flight Lessons

Come and Find Out What It Is All About!!

30 Minute Trial Lesson (Gift Certificates Available)

Take the controls of a light helicopter for 30 minutes of actual flight time and 30 minutes of ground school. You arrive at the school where your nominated instructor will undertake a 30 minute safety brief on the ground with you before then venturing out to the aircraft.

You will then fly to the beach (learning to fly straight & level) before returning to our hover practice area where you will be given the chance to hover using all or part of the controls available (collective, cyclic and pedals).

R22 Trial Lesson Price ONLY $150.00
R44 Trial Lesson Price ONLY $260.00

Length of Flight


Learn To Hover Experience

Accept the challenge, take 5 hours of flight in one of our helicopters with an Instructor and learn to hover. Hovering a light helicopter is probably one of the most challenging things you will ever attempt. Learn to co-ordinate your hands and feet to control an unstable aircraft holding it in a stable hover.

Included is a logbook and all hours flown will count towards pilot ratings. This is the ultimate gift for any budding Helicopter Pilot. The course consists of 5 hours of flight with a few hours of ground school over 2 days.

Robinson R22 Learn To Hover Experience (up to 200 pounds student weight) – Price $1,625
Robinson R44 Learn To Hover Experience (up to 300 pounds student weight) – Price $2,625
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