Students from Trinidad & Tobago

Nationals of Trinidad and Tobago are presented with an amazing opportunity to start their careers as Professional Helicopter Pilots.

If you hold an FAA Helicopter CPL (Commercial Pilots License) and Instrument Rating and then sit the Trinidadian CAA conversion examinations you are able to gain a Trinidadian CPL H and are eligible to work in the left seat of a Bell 412 or Sikorsky S76 (with Bristow, National or Evergreen Helicopters) alongside an experienced Captain gaining invaluable knowledge and expertise.

This outstanding opportunity is almost unique worldwide, to date we have successfully trained well over 30 nationals of Trinidad and Tobago to CPL(IR) H (references are available upon request).

We can get you from 0 to 150 hours with an FAA CPL H and IR inside 3 months.

Cost breakdown for training in a Robinson R22 Helicopter

125 hours of flight training for Private, Instrument & Commercial

25 hours of solo flight

3 written tests (Private, Instrument and Commercial)

3 FAA Flight Tests

1 hour flight time for CPL H practical test

Ground School (approximately 75 hrs)

Books and materials

TSA Clearances (Private and Instrument)

FAA Medical

M1 Student SEVIS  Fee and School Administration Fee (Additional fees in TT are payable direct to the US Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago).

The above is based on completing the course in FAA minimums and within 3 months.


For your own personalized quotation please contact Geoff Painter, President and Chief Flight Instructor by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or telephone the office on 1 561 799 3636.