GI Bill

Cloud 9 Helicopters LLC is approved in its own right for the training of veterans, reservists, and other eligible persons under the provisions of Title 38. US Code.

The Veterans Administration do not pay for the Private rating, this has to be self funded.

Once the veteran has achieved a private rating, the VA will reimburse 60% of the veteran's training costs for approved courses (if not associated to the Palm Beach State College Course Structure)

To start the process a veteran needs to find out if they qualify for benefits.  The veteran should call the Veterans Administration on 1-888-442-4551.

Once a veteran is aware of the benefits available to them we can assist with the completion of the relevant VA forms upon commencement of a their training.

Depending on the veterans circumstances the following form requires completing and mailed to the VA along with a copy of the vetran's discharge papers (Military Form DD214 - #4).

  • VA Form 22-1990 Application for VA Education Benefits  -  if this is the first time the veteran has used their benefits
  • VA Form 22-1995 Request for Change of Program or Place of Training - if the veteran has used their benefits previously

If the veteran does not have the Military Form DD214 - #4 they must obtain this before commencing training.

Once the veteran receives an awards letter from the VA stating the amount of benefits available for use, a copy of this letter is required by Cloud 9 Helicopters to enable us to send an Enrollment Certificate to the Veterans Administration.