External  -  Load (Long Line)

Cloud 9 Helicopters is approved as an Air Operator to conduct External - Load operations under the following Operating Certificate


Our MD 500 Helicopter is approved and equipped for External - Load operations

This aircraft is capable of lifting a load of 2,000 pounds on the hook and is available for work throughout Florida 

 Price per hour for external load commences at $1,250.00.


firedropExternal - Load Training

We are fortunate to be able to offer Long Line training in our MD 500 Helicopter at very reasonable rates.

Our Long Line instructor is an ex military pilot with many hours experience operating a variety of aircraft with lines upto 300 feet.

Our training course covers a flight syllabus of 5 hours and will provide the student with an excellent grounding in Rotorcraft External - Load operations

Coming soon Robinson R44 Long Line Training

We will shortly be adding an R44 Helicopter to our Operating Certificate in order to offer more cost effective training packages to our students.

We have a large dedicated practice area 'off airport' where we can train and operate with little or no external interference.

Contact us for more information regarding this training package as a stand alone course or as part of your Commercial Pilot training with our school. 

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