Technically Advanced Aircraft Training

We operate a Robinson R44 Helicopter that has been converted to a GARMIN G500H glass cockipt under an STC

This system is an integrated display system that presents primary flight instrumentation, navigation and a moving map to the pilot via large format displays.

The PFD presents graphical flight instrumentation (attitude,heading, airpseed, altitude, vertical speed, trim) replacing the traditional instrument cluster.

Also on the PFD is an HSI that is either GPS or Radio Navigation driven.

The MFD displays a full-color moving map incorporating navigational information as well as useful supplental data.

Specifically the equipment is a GDU 620 (PFD/MFD), GDC 74H (Air Data Computer), GRS 77H (AHRS system) all driven by a Garmin GTN 650 H

Training Programme

Most modern aircraft manufacturers are producing new helicopters with 'glass cockpits'.We are seeing signigicant demand for helicopter pilots from potential employers who are familliar with and can demonstrate experience flying aircraft that  are similarly equipped.

Garmin are the indusrty leader with the G1000H and G500H series and this R44 is perfectly equipped to teach pilots in the operation of such systems.

We can develop a ground and flight training programme specific to the custmomer's needs be it it IFR / VFR or VFR only operations.

Our local Airport is an ideal training environment as we are not tower controlled and have 6 published instrument approaches (3 WAAS, ILS, LOC and VOR).

Please contact us directly and we will be able to advise you further.


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