Cloud 9 Helicopters operate a broad range of helicopters:

Robinson R66 for turbine training and commercial operations, Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Schweizer 300 CBI, MD 500 E and Agusta A109 S

Robinson R22 Beta II - Light Training Helicopter

The dependable reliable R22 is the most popular training helicopter in the world. Powered by a Lycoming 0-360 engine that is de rated to 124 HP for safety and durability.

Cloud 9 Helicopters LLC ONLY operates the newer model Beta II variants of this trainer.

Currently we have 7 R22's of which 2 are equipped  for FAA Instrument Training. Being a Robinson Factory Approved Service and Repair Facility ensures that down time is kept to an absolute minimum and aircraft availability for students is never and issue.

Our current rates for the R22 are $275 per hour Solo, $300 per hour Dual (VFR) and Dual (IFR) including fuel with no surcharges.

Schweizer 300 CB/CBI - Training Helicopter

We own 2 CBI and 1 CB 300 series Schweizer Helicopter. The CB 300 series (HU 269) are proven to be exceptionally safe aircraft and have a higher seat weight limit than the R22 permitting us to fly with heavier students or taller students who may struggle to comfortably fit in the R22.

2 of our 3 Schweizer aircraft are equipped for IFR training.

Another huge benefit from operating these machines is that students get exposed to fully articulated rotor systems early in thier training, again we maintain our aircraft 'in house' using factory trained maintenance specialists to maximise aircraft serviceability rates.

Our current rates for the Schweizer CB/CBI are $275 solo, $300 per hour Dual (VFR) and Dual (IFR) including fuel with no surcharges.

Robinson R44 - Training / Utility Series

We own and operate 3 R44 Series aircraft, one fuel injected with emergency floats and two aircraft that are equipped for IFR training.

The R44 is a true multi - role helicopter providing an outstanding training platform, a solid passenger transport aircraft for Corporate Charter, a highly capable photo / videography aircraft, the perfect survey ship or as an agricultural platform for operations such as aerial application.

The R44 is incredibly reliable with very docile handling characteristics, predicatable operating costs and excellent performance.

Our current rates for the R44 are $495 per hour for all operations (VFR/IFR training and Commercial Operations EXCEPT aerial application).

MD 500 E - Utility / Training Aircraft

The E Model MD 500 is a powerful, agile, multi role Light Turbine Utility Helicopter capable of lifting an awesome 2,000 pound load.

We use the MD 500 for a wide variety of operations including, Turbine Transitions, Photography / Videography, Long Line (External Load), Night Vision Goggle Training, Instrument Training, Aerial Application, Survey (pipeline/poweline/wildlife) and Commercial Utility Work.

This machine is fully Night Vision Goggle Compliant, has an HSI, a Garmin 430 GPS, Film Steps, Wire Strike Kit and an external Cargo Hook.

Our current rate for the MD 500 E is $1150 per hour with a small discount for block time purchases.

Robinson R66

We operate 2 Robinson R66 turbine helicopters. The R66 is the backbone of our Part 135 Charter Fleet, it is a VIP 5 place Turbine Helicopter. The machine is factory new with a air conditioning and a modern avionics fitment including a Garmin 430W GPS.

This aircraft will cruise at 125 kts getting you rapidly to your destination in comfort.

Our current rate for Training, Charter or Sightseeing Tours is $950 per hour

Agusta A109 S 'Grand'

The Agusta Westland Grand is truly the Ferrari of helicopters. This incredible VVIP Aircraft is an 8 Place, Twin Engine, IFR Certified aircraft that will cruise comfortably close to 200 miles per hour.

The 'Grand' is the ultimate in luxury VIP transportation possessing the exceptional safety of 2 engines and full IFR certification.

Our current rate for the A109 S helicopter is $3,000 per hour.


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