Gyroplanes are quite simply fantastic flying machines!

They have been around since before the introduction of the helicopter.

Gyroplanes became the fastest growing industry in sport aviation in 2006 when factory built Gyroplanes became available.

Now you can buy your own Gyroplane "Ready to Fly" or buy into a syndicate group giving you all the benefits of having your own Gyroplane but sharing the costs of operation.

In addition to the traditional open-cockpit Gyroplanes there are now fully enclosed ones offering the comfort of the enclosed cockpit with the flexibility and flying agility of the Gyroplane.

Modern Gyroplanes can fly for more than 4 hours on a tank of standard unleaded mogas and, at speeds of up to 120mph.

Flying a Gyroplane is unique, the views are fantastic giving a great sense of freedom.


Why Fly A Gyroplane?

Very stable in turbulence

  • Due to the speed that the rotors are turning (more than 300mph at the tips) the impact of turbulence on a Gyroplane is almost negligible. Making a for a smooth ride even in highwinds and moderate gusts.

Fantastic visibility

  • The gyroplane does not have a wing restricting your views and therefore gives unparalled visbility all round.

Extremely short landing roll

  • The landing roll of a gyroplane is typically only a few meters.  Resulting in the gyroplane being able to land in small spaces and on surfaces that are generally unsuitable for landing an aircraft.

A Gyroplane cannot stall or spin!

  • As the rotors are spinning, the lift is NOT dependent on it's airspeed.  A gyroplane can travel at zero-speed and it will not stall, it will be descending but under full conrol.

Fly lower - with a good margin of safety

  • A gyroplane is far easier than an aircraft to land in the event of an engine failure because the short landing roll gives a huge choice of suitable fields for landing.  The fixed pitch of the rotors means that they cannot slow down providing a much reduced workload to compared to the helicopters.

Ideal for touring

  • All factory built gyroplanes have a top speed of at least 100mph and an endurance of more than 4 hours.