Mountain Training Coursesr22 mountains

Cloud 9 Helicopters LLC can arrange mountain flight training courses in a number of locations across the USA.

There are a number of locations that offer perfect elevation  for mountain training offering hundreds of off airport landing areas to practice all kinds of approaches and landings.

In addition these locations also offer many outdoor activities for the adventurous student to do in their non flying downtime.




Aircraft Available

Robinson R44 and R22 Helicopters are available.

Hours Building towards FAA or JAA CPL H Ratings / Flying Vacations

We can assist with validation of International Licenses if students wish to gain PIC time and build time in the beautiful mountain ranges of the USA.

FAA Private Pilots may want to maximise their flight time by gaining invaluable mountain flying experience and hours building towards CPL H ratings.

If you have general mountain training enquiries feel free to contact  Geoff Painter on 1 561 799 3636 for futher information.