Below are "recommended" reading lists for each FAA license through to CFII.  Purchase of all of these books in not mandatory.

Cloud 9 Helicopters stocks all of these materials, they can be mailed or shipped to prospective students on request.


Private License

Practical Test Standards (Private Pilot)pohs

Helicopter Flying Handbook

R22 or R44 dependent on helicopter to be used.

ASA Test Prep (Private Pilot)


Principles of Helicopter Flight

Aviation Weather

Helicopter Oral Exam Guide

Private Oral Exam Guide

VFR Charts

Rotating Plotter

E6B Computer



Instrument Rating

Practical Test Standard (Instrument)

ASA Test Prep (Instrument)

Instrument Flying Handbook

Instrument Procedures Handbook

Aviation Weather

Aviation Weather Services

Instrument Oral Exam Guide


Approach Plates

VFR Charts

IFR Charts



Commercial License

Private License Books/Equipment

Practical Test Standards (Commercial)

ASA Test Prep (Commercial)

Commercial Oral Exam Guide

Additional Optional Books:

Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial

Cyclic & Collective


Certified Flight Instructor

Private License Books/Equipment

Commercial License Books/Equipment

Practical Test Standards (CFI)

ASA Test Prep (CFI)

Aviation Instructors Handbook


Certified Flight Instructor Instrumet

Instrument Rating Books/Equipment

Certified Flight Instructor Books/Equipment

ASA Test Prep (CFII)

Practical Test Standards (CFII)