Rotorcraft Add-Ons to Fixed Wing Ratings

The requirements for Rotorcraft Add-On to Fixed Wing licenses are relatively straightforward and

are as follows:night-time-arial-roof-shot

There is no written knowledge test requirments as these have already been completed within the initial fixed wing ratings.

The groundschool is also abridged making the oral portion of the flight test much more straightforward.

Rates For Flight Training

Robinson R22  VFR/IFR, $325 per hr


Robinson R44  VFR/IFR, $525 per hr



Rotorcraft Private Pilot (Add-On)

20 hours of dual flight instruction

10 hours of solo flight (solo cross countries included)


Rotorcraft Commercial Pilot (Add-on) (150 hours TT, 50 Rotorcraft, 35 PIC)

20 hours dual flight instruction to include

5 hours of instrument flying in helicopters

2 hour daytime cross county of more than 50 nm

2 hour nightime cross country of more than 50 nm

35 hours PIC to include

5 hours in night VFR conditions

Cross country flight of at least 50 nm with minimum three points3951735894_c66c32569d


Rotorcraft Added Instrument Rating

15 hours of Simulated Instrument in Rotorcraft (including a filed IFR Cross Country of 100 nm)