Airline Tansport Pilot Rotorcraft Helicopter License Eligibility and Requirements

  • 1,200 hours Total Time
  • 500 hours cross country
  • 100 hours of night flight
  • 200 hous of flight time in helicopters (75 PIC)
  • 75 hours of actual or simulated instrument time (50 in flight and 25 in helicopters)
  • Hold a CPL with IR or a Foreign Validated CPL with IR
  • Pass a Written Test
  • Pass a Practical Test with an FAA Examiner
  • Hold at least an FAA Class 3 Medical
  • Be at least 23 years old

a109 instrument

We can train for the ATP H in the R44 ($525 p/h).

Pilots that require assistance in validating foreign licenses should contact us for further information.

We have trained ATP's from all over the world.

Countries where our students originate from include:

UK, Ireland, Germany, Holland, France, Nigeria, Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Venezuela, Guatamala, South Africa, Namibia, India, UAE, Qatar,  Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Norway and Morocco to name a few.