EASA Training Packages

Theoretical Knowledge Courses

Cloud 9 Helicopters in partnership with CAPT ONLINE, owned by renowned author and instructor Phil Croucher, have developed a programme based in

West Palm Beach, Florida.

Here in Florida we deliver CAPT's EASA Groundschool courses, provide tutorial support and allow students to sit the ATPL written examinations in Orlando, Florida.

Combined FAA / EASA Program

A pre requisite to starting the EASA ATPL or CPL ground training is the possession of an ICAO PPL H. To commence the flight training element the student has to have passed the the TK exams (studied for in Florida concurrently with the FAA IR / CPL H) and have flown at least 150 hours to commence a modular training course (35 hrs) or training as required to pass a CPL H flight test if they have more than 185 hours at the point of the practical test.

Cloud 9 Helicopters offer an FAA program run in conjunction with a CAPT's groundschool to provide a student with all of the EASA theoretical knowledge exams passed and an FAA CPL H with Instrument Rating (150 hours). This then allows the student to then complete both FAA Instructor Ratings, complete a 10 hour JAA CPL H transition course in the United Kingdom with our training partner Helicopter Services (High Wycombe) finishing up with just over 185 hours an FAA CPL H with IR and a EASA CPL H.

Multi Engine and EASA Instrument Rating

Further options are to return to Helicopter Services to complete the Multi Engine conversion and a EASA Instrument Rating (technically a 15 hour course in total).

EASA Flight Instructor

The holder of an FAA Certified Flight Instructor Certificate needs to undergo an abridged training programme of 15 flight hours in order to be eligible to sit a Flight Instructor practical flight test.

Please contact us for more information relating to how we tailor these packages to prospective students.