Robinson R44 Transition Training

The FAA requires that pilots have gained at least 10 hours experience in Robinson Helicopters (at least 5 must be in the R44) in order to act as Pilot In Command.

Training is delivered by high hours R44 pilot instructors and will include all the PTS manuvers, enhanced autorotations, simulated hydraulic failures and practical skills.

Additionally, if Flight Instructors wish to give instruction in the R44, they must have at least 50 hours in Robinson Helicopters (25 in the R44) and a check flight with an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner).n7527l-r44-clipper-2

Some insurance companies (such as Pathfinder) also place additional restrictions on Pilots who operate commerically in the R44.  Typically to operate as PIC commercially in an R44 pilots must have gained at least 10 hours PIC in an R44 (preferably 20 hours).

To this end we offer highly competitive transition packages to pilots who wish to gain invaluable R44 time.  This particularly applies to Flight Instructors who are looking to strengthen their resumes and apply to schools who operate R44's for Instrument and VFR training.

One of our R44's is an Instrument Trainer and accordingly flight time can be combined with instrument training through to an instrument rating or Certified Flight Instructor Certificate to maximize your flight training budget.

We have operated 3 R44 Aircraft for over 4 years and have 8 Flight Instructors who are qualified under SFAR 73 to teach in the machine.

Please contact us on 561-799-3636 in order to discuss your needs and learn about our highly competitive pricing packages.