Aerial Photography & Video

Cloud 9 Helicopters, LLC are a low level Aerial Photography Specialist serving South and Central Florida but specifically the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast.

Helicopters are incredibly flexible photographic platforms offering unrivalled access and visibility for all aerial photography tasks. Helicopters are unique offering unparalled low level shots.

The ease of application and quality of pictures that are able to be taken at low level makes the use of helicopters remarkably price competitive.

Photographic missions include:
  • Real Estate – for preparation of sales particulars
  • Boats – that perfect shot of your boat or yacht in it's natural environment
  • Advertising & Design – high quality photographs for marketing, media and presentations
  • Golf Courses, Restaurants, Hotels & Leisure Facilities – panoramic aerial photographs to illustrate the entire facility
  • Construction/Property Development – monthly/weekly progress photographs
  • Luxury Homes
  • Forensic Photography - for Attorneys and Insurance Companies
  • Mortgage Appraisals/Reviews

No Photographer – No problem, we can provide the complete solution combining experienced pilot, helicopter, photographer and equipment.

All of our images are presented in high resolution digital format.  Unlike some of our competitors you will also own the sole rights to your images. We use 'state of the art' 12 mega pixel Nikon cameras with the latest Nikkor vibration reduction lenses.