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All Inclusive Course
$77,500 this price is for training solely in the R22, for multiple aircraft types please contact us.

Cloud 9 Helicopters offer an all inclusive Professional Pilot course aimed at career helicopter pilots.
This course includes:

  • Private Pilot Rotorcraft
  • Instrument Rating Rotorcraft
  • Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrumenthelicopter-training-school
  • 201 hours of flight time in Robinson Helicopters
  • All One on One ground school and required study materials
  • All  6 FAA written tests on site
  • All  5 FAA Practical Flight Tests (with an FAA Examiner on site)
  • SFAR 73 Examiner check flight at 200hr point
  • Flight Physical on site

We can also tailor courses that provide a mix of R22, Schweizer 300 CBI, R44 and Mountain Time.

Completion of this course will provide all of the required qualifications and FAA approvals to teach at most flight schools in the USA in the R22 Helicopter.

SFAR 73 dictates 200 hours flight time  in addition to an Examiner check flight in order for Certified Flight Instructors to be authorized to teach in Robinson R22's and R44's.

Additionally to teach in R44's you must have a minimum of 25 hours flight time in an R44 and in most cases most flight school insurance companies require 50 hours in R44's for their instructors to be able to instruct in them.

More and more flight schools (like Cloud 9 Helicopters) use the R44 for Instrument Flight Training and prefer new hires to have some R44 time. Please contact Geoff Painter directly to discuss your aspirations and this package including 25 hours R44 time in more detail.

Telephone: 561 799 3636

Basic Commercial License Package: helicopter-training-school-testing


  • 151 hours of R22 flight time
  • Private and Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft
  • Instrument Rating rotorcraft
  • All one on one ground school and materials
  • 3 Practical Flight Tests
  • Flight Physical
  • 3 Written Tests

Hours Building:

We can offer a variety of hours building packages to our students and those of other training institutions. Please contact us for more information.

For a Basic Commercial Pilot Course without Instrument Rating budget for $53,700