• Helicopter Private License TrainingPrivate Pilot License Eligibility and Requirements

  • Age 16 to become a Student Pilot, 17 to become a Private Pilot - Rotorcraft.
  • Able to read, speak, write and understand the English language.
  • Pass a written knowledge test (multiple choice questions).
  • Receive flight training and logbook endorsements from an authorized Flight Instructor (Minimum 40 hrs flight time to include at least 30 hrs dual instruction and 10 hrs solo flight).
  • Meet certain experience requirements for example cross country and night flying.
  • Pass a practical flight test and oral exam with an FAA Examiner.
  • Hold at least a Class 3 Medical Certificate.

Hourly Dual Instruction Rates

R22 $325.00 per hour with no fuel surcharge
R44 $525.00 per hour with no fuel surcharge

Example cost for the average pilot (Robinson R22):
The national average for initial Private Pilot Rotorcraft is 50 to 60 hrs (4 to 6 weeks)

  • 50 hours flight time at $325 per hour, $16,250
  • 35 hours ground school at $45.00 per hour, $1,575.00n7527l-over-the-beach-opt
  • Written examination, $165
  • FAA Medical, $135
  • FAA Practical Examination Fee, $650
  • Pilot supplies and training materials, $150
  • 1 hour of flight time for FAA practical test, $325
  • Grand Total  $19,250



We carry insurance that allows our students to fly solo in our R44's, therefore it is also possible to undertake the full course in the R44 if desired.