Some of the things that our Flight School customers have said about our school. Direct contact information can be supplied upon request.

I have spent 5 weeks early this year (Feb 2009) with Cloud 9 Helicopters. My plan was to pass the PPL(H) and thereafter, do some hoursbuilding as a requirement for European CPL(H). I was a little bit scared if I could do about 100 hrs in the time given. At the end, I ended up with a PPL H, Instrument H and Commercial Add-On H and a total of 130 hrs easily flown in the time of 39 days. I even had a couple of days off during thant period. I really enjoyed flying there.

As I have met a lot of flight instructors in my career, you only remember the best and the worst. The flight training with Cloud 9 Helicopters has been one of the best I have received so far. I passed all checkrides at the first attempt and most importantly, I have been trained to be a safe pilot from the beginning on.

Scheduling was made easy, they did everything to fit your needs. Helicopters and Instructors have been available at all the time.Accommodation is nice and clean and close to the airport. There are many shopping opportunities for the daily needs close to the apartments.

Flying at F45 is a time-saving flight training environment as there are different traffic patterns for fixed wing and helicopters most of time due to parallel runways. Instrument training can be done easily at this airport without the need to fly somewhere else (6 approaches on the airfield).

All the people at Cloud 9 Helicopters have been nice and friendly, they did everything for me to reach my goals and I can recommend this training facility to everyone interested in serious flight training. They did a great job, I have had a great time and the results have been beyond my expectations!

Patrick Page, Flight Captain B737, Germany.

Back in August of 2008, I started researching helicopter schools with the intention of obtaining my instrument rating. I narrowed my selection down to 3 schools in South Florida, of which one was Cloud 9. After contacting the principals of all three and getting referrals, I chose Cloud 9.

I spoke to Geoff Painter, owner/operator of Cloud 9 and explained that I had 3 to 4 weeks to complete the course. His response was that he could meet my needs. It was a good choice! I got a recommendation for an instructor named Mark Lewis, and that was another good choice. Cloud 9 met my scheduling needs, set me up with a very knowledgeable ground instructor and worked hard at getting all the information needed for me to complete the course. I took my check ride on Monday Dec. 15, 08 and passed.

After spending a month at Cloud 9, I became familiar with the staff and instructors and was impressed with their organization and dedication to the business of training students to become professional helicopter pilots. I would recommend Cloud 9 to anyone wanting to become a helicopter pilot or further their experience and obtain additional ratings. My contact information is on file at Cloud 9 if any potential students have any questions. To Geoff and Debbie Painter and all the staff at Cloud 9, thanks for making my training a great experience.

John Kekeris ,St. Louis MO

I started my "adventure" on august 26th, 2008, my first flight. Flying and "liming" with everyone in Cloud 9 has been nothing short of an amazing experience, I recently completed my CPL on Dec 8th, 2008. I'm 25 yrs old and I live in Trinidad.

I consider myself lucky to have flown with and had the many opportunities I have had at Cloud 9. I don't consider these people my "instructors", more like big brothers who taught me quite a bit in life. You can't talk about Cloud 9 and leave out the "mother" of cloud 9... Deb! Then theres Barb... my midget sidekick! haha.
It was never just a school for me, more of a family. You see, I hate school... but I loved doing this. All in all, I would highly recommend Cloud 9 to anyone who is looking to fly, this is especially directed towards other Trinis, as many of us have flown with them and they have had a proper taste of our culture... this I am SURE!
Much love and respect to everyone at Cloud 9

Jervais Sellier, Trinidad & Tobago

Well I made it folks. I'm one step closer to being back in a police uniform again. Only this time it will be as a rotorcraft aviator. Although I will have to go through five months of re-training, the end result will be worth it.

I especially want to thank my family at Cloud 9 Helicopters who stuck with me through the thick and thin often sacrificing there own personal time to get me to where I am now. You can be sure I will work my butt off to show people the high level of training Cloud 9 Helicopter represents.

Not only did I achieve my private, commercial and instrument rating, I also learned to absorb things quicker and have become a good test taker thanks to all of you. Thanks again, You can be sure I will stick a Cloud 9 logo on my flight helmet and show it when I'm on duty. Thanks again Cloud 9 Helicopters.

Michael J. Buckley, Sarasota, FL

All my life seeing military helicopters everyday as a young boy got me inspired with this aircraft, I did more research into helicopters through the internet and books over the years. As time went on I never thought Id get a chance to get a flight in one, but that changed on the morning of my 16th birthday when I was told I'd be getting a spin in a Bell 206, so I was very excited about that and asked the pilot a heap of questions when I was up.

It wasn't then until I was 22 that I wanted to bite the bullet and do my PPL/H plus I wanted to do it overseas in Florida for the experience (and the heat of course). So it was time to hunt down a helicopter flight school which would be the right choice. I asked around on the internet about schools in Florida (mainly the PPRUNE Forums) and got a few PMs from guys in Ireland who recommended Cloud 9 Helicopters in West Palm Beach. I got in contact with Geoff Painter (owner/operator) and explained I wanted to come out in the end of July 2008 for 6 weeks, so that was no problem and I was told I would have my PPL done in just under 6 weeks.

Meanwhile I got stuck into the books and headed out to Florida to do my training. After 5 weeks of training at a very well operated airfield (North County General Aviation Airport) I passed my checkride at 50hrs on a glorious day thanks to the hard work and dedication of the professional instructors at Cloud 9 and one very knowledgeable ground instructor (Kevin Rattey) who got me through my studies.

So all in all I was very happy with Cloud 9's organization and the people who run it, plus the very well maintained aircraft they operate. I'd recommend Cloud 9 to anyone looking to start their helicopter training in the near future in Florida. So a massive thank you to Geoff, Debbie and all the team who got me through it and made it a fun experience for me also!

If anybody has any questions my email is on file at Cloud 9 Helicopters

David O Rourke. Northern Ireland

Hello Geoff,

I would just like to say how very pleased I am with my flight training at Cloud 9, actually it was beyond my expectations.

You run a very professional and down right enjoyable flight school. Not only have I accomplished my goals, I've enjoyed the rich flying experiences of North Palm Beach County and the East Coast.

I would also like to add that the quality of flight and ground instruction has been extraordinary, including  the very well maintained fleet. I wish you and your company even greater prosperity into the new year, and that I'll recommend your flight school to anyone who asks about learning to fly helicopters.

Yours faithfully

Ishwar Rampersad, Trinidad & Tobago.