Refund and Financial Policy

We believe your money is just that, your money! Whether we receive a block payment or a disbursement from a lending institution, rest assured that if for any reason you decide to not train with Cloud 9 Helicopters LLC your money will be promptly returned.

No hassle, no fees, no questions...We will refund everything you’ve given less the expenses you have incurred up to the date and time of separation. See our financial policy section below to learn more about how we protect your money. With ground instruction and flight training, the last thing you need is to worry about your money.

We use the following rules to protect your investment:


All expenses are deducted from your account using our computerized, real-time accounting system. Our system generates weekly itemized invoices for each customer prior to the sum being deducted from our Student Funds Bank Account and transferred into our main Business Operating account. If there’s a problem, you can discuss the issue with your instructor, chief instructor or management to resolve a problem on the spot, before your account gets deducted. We won’t use your money without your consent.


Your account balance and all transactions are available to you by request at any time. It’s your money you should always know how much is there, when it was used and why.


Some schools have ‘secret’ surcharges above the published training rate that are just mysteriously added to your account. In keeping with our full disclosure policy, all training rates are published and will be used to calculate expense. The only way we can alter our training rate is through your consent, in writing. Again, it is simply not fair to charge customers “unknown” rates, so we won’t do it.

We do our best to keep rates constant, but if in the future some event (such as dramatic fuel price rise) raises costs beyond our estimates, we would need to recover those costs. If any price changes are necessary, we must get your written authorization to change the expense rate. You always have the right to refuse the rate increase and receive a full refund. See Rule #1, you must authorize every disbursement from our Student Funds Bank Account